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Wireless Meetings
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What makes Huddle Hub
a most powerful tool
for team collaboration?
Wireless videoconference
BYOC (bring your own codec) becomes reality: connect the meeting room USB camera to Huddle Hub and enable any participant to wirelessly receive its AV streams for a videoconference session. Huddle Hub supports most UC software, hardware devices and video conferencing platforms.
All personal devices can present and receive
Through Huddle Hub any laptop, tablet or mobile can send or receive a presentation. This improves collaboration when sitting or standing away from the room display and makes it possible when there is no display at all. Huddle Hub brings out the best of the BYOD model.
Multiplatform apps and client-less web app
Huddle Hub is designed for the users: the dedicated apps available for any OSs, allow the complete control of the meeting. The friendly everyday web browser is a client-less no-installation alternative to share and receive the presentation on the laptop. Power users and guests or casual users can select their preferred UI.
Huddle everywhere with the Smart Rooms
With Huddle Hub any place is a meeting room. Smart Rooms allow effective team collaboration even in not equipped or lightly equipped spaces, perfectly matching the modern workflow. They can be reserved for specific huddle spaces, teams, projects and even single users.
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