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Biamp Adds Wireless USB and Content Sharing to Meeting Solutions Portfolio With Purchase of HRT SRL
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What makes Modena Hub
a most powerful tool
for team collaboration?
Wireless USB
Connect your laptop - with any VC software codec - to the room’s AV equipment without having to connect a single cable. Just select the Modena Hub virtual drivers for mic, speaker, and camera devices. Agnostic about UC and AV equipment. No need to change the workflow. Use your own laptop: your accounts, your software, your data. Total flexibility
Wireless Sharing
With Modena Hub, any laptop, tablet or mobile device can share the screen on the room display. Modena Hub sends the shared content also on participants personal device providing a more natural and comfortable meeting experience.
Browser-based app
Share and receive the presentation on the laptop with the friendly everyday web browser is a client-less no-installation. Dedicated apps are available for any platform, desktop and mobile, with consistent UI.